Jeremiah Collier, has been playing a full set of drums since the early age of two. He is a born drummer. Jeremiah Collier has been turning heads in Chicago since his parents encouraged him to learn to read and play  fluently. Jeremiah Collier attended Chi Arts high school, Ernest Dawkins and the Young Masters and the Jazz Institute of Chicago and has been playing around the Chicagoland and Internationally  for the past 11 years .

Jeremiah Collier has played with a plethora of artists such as Ernest Dawkins, , Ari Brown, Robert Irving III, Bobby Watson, Denise Thimes, Antonio Hart, Don Braden, (the late great) Mr. Willie Pickens and many more. Jeremiah Collier has also   toured and worked with Kamasi Washington and is currently touring with NWEA Jazz Master Stanley Clarke and has been in the seat for 6 years with him.

Jeremiah Collier, who is also a band leader of his own collective called JCANDTHEREUPBAND which is known throughout the globe and are now working on an Album to present to the world as well. Jeremiah has been a member of the “Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz All Star Peer-to-Peer Group” which was composed of the five of the best high school student musicians around the country. This group had toured from State to state teaching and playing. Jeremiah Collier, has performed at the Kennedy Center with the Thelonious Monk Institute peer to peer group which is now known as the Hancock Institute for their fifty anniversary.

Jeremiah Collier, has performed in multiple Jazz Festivals throughout the Chicagoland area such as the Hyde Park Jazz Festivals, Chicago Jazz Festivals, Englewood Jazz Festivals and the 51st Jazz Festivals also including International Jazz Festivals.