Yvonne Gage was born and reared in Chicago, Illinois.  She started preparing for her entrance into the world of music at an early age.

At the age of 14, she was brought to an audition for a local female R&B group called The Soulettes, and was immediately accepted as the group’s fourth member.  Its members consisted of Patricia Redmond, Marion Robinson, Adilene Robinson, and Yvonne Gage.  

Afterward, Yvonne, along with fellow members of the Soulettes, and Marcella Willis, evolved into the Chicago female vocal group called LOVE, which proved to be a great launching pad for Yvonne.  It was vocalizing with these talented ladies, under the tutelage of Robert Tabor, long-time friend and founder of the group LOVE, that honed her harmonizing and blending skills, as well as her abilities as a lead vocalist.

Shortly afterward, the group was introduced to renowned record producer Don Burnside.  Mr. Burnside saw great potential in Yvonne and signed her as his artist.

The first order of development for Ms. Gage was touring as a backup singer for the AVI label’s funk artist, Captain Sky,  sharing billing with such sensational artists as Cameo, Stephanie Mills, and Smokey Robinson, just to name a few.

After returning to Chicago, Yvonne was signed to RFC/Atlantic Records and released her first single, Garden Of Eve, which registered on the Billboard Chart but was an even BIGGER HIT in the European market.

She was then asked by Alain Jourgensen to tour as a featured singer with his phenomenal rock band, MINISTRY.  Touring with MINISTRY was a great experience for Yvonne. They were the opening act for The Police, Culture Club, and Madness.

The following year, Yvonne ventured into the jingle arena, lending her voice to countless ads for radio, and television.  She quickly made a name for herself and became a mainstay in that industry to this day.

After her development contract with RFC/Atlantic ended, Ms. Gage was signed to CIM/CBS Records where she released an album entitled VIRGINITY, which was also very well received in the European market.

Since her appearance on the world’s music stage, Yvonne has always set high standards for herself, being a devout lover of Jazz and R&B.  She describes her personal style as being “Sensual Soul”.

Somewhere between touring, recording, writing, musical theatre, jingle work, and more, Yvonne carved out another great career for herself, becoming one of the top session singers in the country.  Her work as a supporting singer, both in concert and in the studio, includes industry greats David Foster, Michael McDonald, Seal, Ashford & Simpson, Patti Austin, Madonna, R. Kelly, Celine Dion, Berry Gordy, Janelle, Monet, Susan Boyle, and many, many more.

Although she is currently involved in many projects, Yvonne remains focused.  She has not lost sight of her ultimate goal, which is to be a Grammy Award winner.  

Stay tuned for more……….